Raising The Bar

Community associations rely on management companies for the proper handling of financials and highly sensitive information. HOA Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of integrity and professionalism in the industry.

As a board member, trustee, or volunteer working with your HOA, you are obligated to make decisions that can have a dramatic impact your community. Receiving accurate guidance on important issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, contracts, legal issues, and rules enforcement can be the difference between prosperity and disaster.

Our dedication to professional excellence will ease the burdens the board carries by handling many of the details of community management, while always leaving the board in complete control.

HOA Solutions is dedicated to giving exceptional service in the following areas:

  • Working with board members and residents
  • Preparing budgets and financial reports
  • Performing site inspections
  • Enforcing association rules
  • Understanding critical legal obligations
  • Selecting and supervising contractors
  • Understanding insurance requirements
  • Communicating with residents
  • Building a sense of community

 The HOA Solutions Difference

The following are just a few more things that set us apart and make us a trusted industry leader:

  • Association will keep 100% of all fines and late charges assessed to and paid by Owners.
  • Association will always have its own two bank accounts (one for operating funds and one for reserves) and will always receive a copy of the bank statements with the monthly financial report.
  • HOA Solutions provides 100% disclosure of all fees associated with its services. If any service is needed that is not detailed in the management agreement, it will be presented to the Association Board for approval prior to commencement of work.
  • HOA Solutions is more than likely to answer a board member’s text/call on a weekend or late at night, and can send out a last minute email blast in the middle of the night.
  • HOA Solutions’ Owners are hands on with all communities managed.
  • HOA Solutions does not do any real estate marketing or sales. Our ONLY focus is homeowner associations.
  • HOA Solutions offers credit reporting via Sperlonga: Assessment payment reporting can give associations a tool to reward timely payments with positive impacts to credit reports and reporting delinquent assessment payments can generate negative impacts to credit reports.  Sperlonga’s reporting empowers associations and management companies with the same credit reporting tool that banks and lenders already use to manage debt and credit related payments. Utilization of such a tool could encourage property owners to view their association assessment payment as being on par with their mortgage, auto or credit card payment.

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